Oushak Ushak design rug Indian


Using local lustrous wool, having them made by skilled Indian weavers enabled us to make an affordable and much desirable rugs in soft muted colours which are highly decorative. When European began their love with Oriental carpets, Anatolian rugs were among one of the most desired rugs. Anatolia, a diverse area is now called Turkey. Historically Ushaks were classified as ‘Anatolian Rugs,’ Anatolian literally translating to ‘land of the rising sun.’ ‘Anatolian’ refers to a carpet made in Turkey. Later the lighter colours such as beige used as background in the luxurious quality of the wool (for which Oushaks had always been known) aided the colours luminosity. Ushak carpets, particularly those known as Lotto carpets in 16th. and 17th. century, are among the types of Oriental carpets in Renaissance painting, as they were imported by Europeans, where they adorned cathedrals, churches, and the homes of the wealthy and powerful. Oushak rugs are known for the silky, luminous wool they work with. The dyes tend towards cinnamons, terracotta tints, gold, blues, greens, ivory, saffron and greys. Read Less



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